Our Range Of Services

Therapy Services Management offers the following services to support your medical practice.

Healthcare Sales and Marketing

Conventional and digital/modern marketing techniques. We fill the following gaps in your clinic.

● Branding
● Website
● Visibility Optimization
● Social Media
● Traditional Advertising

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Invoice and Billing

We leverage our extensive experience and closely follow guidelines to remove the guesswork out of your clinics financial interactions.

● Billing
● Invoicing
● Insurance
● Deposits
● Line items

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We tap into our experience to deliver a highly efficient scheduling work process that achieves the following goals

● Eliminate distraction for staff
● Optimize appointment scheduling experience
● Improve patient care
● Decrease no-show rates

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Operation Optimization

We capture analytics to better control business outcomes and sharpen our operation optimization strategy to help your clinic.

● Earn more income
● Build your practice’s valuation
● Cultivate better patient relationship
● Grow your clinic

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Seasoned Practice
Management Experts To Help You

Improve Patient Experience

Poor patient experience is one of the key challenges facing healthcare providers. Long gone are the days when just having a website was enough to compel patients to visit your practice. You need a comprehensive online presence that leaves positive signatures wherever patients are looking (including review websites, niche-specific directories, and social media). Your website should be optimized for a seamless user experience so that patients can obtain the information they need without having to call your office. Ensuring that patients get superior customer service when they visit your physical premises is also important to ensure customer retention as well as positive reviews and referrals. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure that patients are happy about your clinic and the service they receive.

Outsource Admin Tasks

Menial and repetitive tasks can be a distraction, especially for small to medium clinics that do not have the budget to hire additional staff members. Medical personnel need to focus on service delivery without having to take care of appointment calls every now and then. Owner-operators at some clinics also have other important tasks they need to take care of and delegating administrative tasks to an established expert makes a lot of sense. Our team has a track record of success delegating the management of medical clinics, hiring top talent, and pushing the sales and marketing agenda. We don’t just offer ideas; we get the job done.

Beat The Competition

The healthcare business landscape has changed a lot over the last decade. Competitors can crop up at any time and use digital tools to disrupt your market base and sometimes even drive you out of business. Devising strategies to stay ahead of the competition at all times is the way to go. Our marketing experts identify areas for improvement and use marketing campaigns and other techniques to drive authority. Our goal is to paint your medical practice as an established, go-to provider for the specific services that you offer. This way, you don’t have to worry about a competitor cropping up from nowhere and just as easily running you out of business.

Grow Your Practice

Growth is a top-of-mind issue for medical practice owners and operators. Our service is focused on helping you drive top revenues throughout the year. We do this by implementing a strategic marketing campaign that entails both digital and traditional techniques. Our growth-oriented marketing aims to target customers across channels. In some cases, we may recommend that you shift from a single service outlet to a multidisciplinary clinic in order to increase revenue generation opportunities.

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